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Message from Fr. Joblin

Thank you very much for giving me this opportunity to write a farewell letter to the members of CICIAMS after more that twenty years of collaboration with them in this organization of so much great importance.

I wish first of all to thank the members I have known of the Executive Board and the members of the National Boards I met for their cooperation and to tell them how much I have appreciated their dedication and self-sacrifice in the service of the association and its activities. A special mention must be made of the national and local chaplains, priests and sisters, who, despite their pastoral obligations, have offered a valuable spiritual inspiration to the guilds.

The experience I have had, especially during the regional and international congresses, has reinforced in me the conviction of the importance of the guilds created at the initiative of Catholic professionals wishing to act as Christians in carrying out their professional activities; in doing so, they give the example of a Christian life and are contributing to the creation of an ethical spirit which may animate society; day after day, they are sculpting in action the Church’s  teaching within the texture of reality for which they are responsible.

A second impression I wish to share with you in this letter concerns the importance of regionalisation within an international organization. CICIAMS was created almost 70 years ago in Lourdes (1933) by a group of European nurses. The world has changed since that time; it is now building a community of equal people coming from various cultural backgrounds. One of the first to have understood this transformation has been Richard Lai, from Malaysia, who has twice be chairman of CICIAMS. Thanks to him many guilds have been created while others have been encouraged to develop. This example will have to be followed if you wish CICIAMS to face the challenges of the future positively and with confidence. I am sure this will take place; it will, of course, have to be done in a Christian manner, combining together effectiveness and sacrifice.

With my best wishes for yourself, Asian guilds an the whole CICIAMS,

 J. Joblin sj

Former Ecclesiastical Adviser of CICIAMS



CICIAMS General Secretariat, St. Mary's, Bloomfield Avenue, Donnybrook, Dublin 4.  IRELAND