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3.     News from the Regions:


a. 19th National Convention India.

Sr. Anne John RJM is retiring after 27 years of service in the 19th National Convention on the 7th of December this year, and we welcome her successor Sr. Elenore.  She look forward to new ideas to come in, under the leadership of Fr. Tomy the new  CNGI  National advisor and that CNGI will continue to grow.

  b.  Papal Visit 18 Sept 2010, Hyde Park England

Janet Muchengwa (current President of ACN) and myself, we were attending the celebration of the Pope's visit to Hyde Park in London, where we had a glorious day. The papal visit was from 16-19 September 2010 and was a truly remarkable celebration. For Janet and I  the day started on Saturday 18 September 2010 with a Youth Mass at Westminster Cathedral which was a most joyous occasion. Later Janet and I made our way to Hyde Park where Pope Benedict XVI celebrated a Vigil event in the early evening. We arrived in Hyde Park at lunchtime to ensure we had a seat and enjoyed a full day of entertainment, prayer and praise. The Pope went to Birmingham the following day to beatify Cardinal Neuman.

                 c.  Singapore Conference: notes / photos

           d.  Sr. Sawa's Report from Japan

           e..Message from IrelandINN magazine CNGI


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